xc```b``ng`2d@Y8600d| {M@}$RQ 3WvC)K%]dMjxH`Ye^sfoIim ^\`7G2XqeY@^U}\L The burning material is moist or its quality is otherwise low. Do not hang clothes to dry in the sauna, as this may cause a risk of fire. NOTE: While this location is the most common, the power can enter the sauna at any location. the timer will not cause the Sauna to heat. Heaters with a separate temperature sensor: the supply air vent of the sauna must not be near the temperature sensor! aluminium paper. << The guarantee period for heaters and control equipment used in saunas by building residents is one (1) year. CONNECTING TO POWERAll wiring should be done by a licensed electrician.Bore a hole at the mark you made in step 2, being sure it is wide enough to accommodate the wire (15). We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Moderna, Fuga, Delta, Kivi, Cilindro: Short-circuit in the measuring circuit of the temperature sensor. Mix approximately two table spoons of citric acid powder in 500 ml of water. 0000019327 00000 n timer /O 81 It is not recommended you use the pre-drilled vent holes as an entrance for the conduit. /FontFile2 83 0 R Many heaters intended for home use are also available as so-called E models that utilise a control unit instead of operating switches on the heater. Never throw water on the stones when there are people near the heater, because hot steam may burn their skin. Mechanical exhaust ventilation must be used. Heater models PI70E and PI90E must be equipped with a separate control unit which must be installed in a dry area outside of the sauna room. Reset button is located on the bottom of the heater. When resetting the stones, broken and sand-surfaced stones are removed and replaced by new ones. After operating the heater a few times, the moisture will be removed from the heating elements. /Flags 32 The sensor box contains a temperature sensor and an overheat protector. Leave an air gap of a few millimetres between the upper edge of the panelling boards and the ceiling. If you hear ticking even though the heater is off, check the connections of the timer switch. Before starting the paneling, check the electric wiring and the reinforcements in the walls required by the heater and benches.E. Check Circuit Breaker Many times the problem with the electric sauna heater is a very simple fix. Check to see if the amount of power that the sauna takes matches the power meant to flow through the breaker. This is because the long-wave deep heat from an infrared radiator goes approximately four centimetres deep, causing perspiration from deep within the tissues. fine particles disintegrating from the sauna stones which rise with the airflow. harvia sauna reset button About; Contacts; FAQ; Fotos; . endstream /Lang (fi-FI) No unwanted objects must be left on or near the heater. Set the shiny side of the foil towards the sauna interior. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. P.O.Box 12 0000001935 00000 n /SMask /None Attach the reinforcements to the frame. HARVIA Sauna Control units - Saunainter.com Online Support +44 203 734 78 94 We are open and delivering worldwide! The support can be made of plywood, for example. Install the bench supports in accordance with the bench plan. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. Therefore, it is necessary to throw water on the heated stones to reach a suitable level of humidity in the sauna. The volume and structures of the sauna affect the selection of heater power. >> Harvia KIP-30B $ 855.00 Harvia KIP-45B $ 872.00 Harvia Topclass KV-45-S $ 1,314.00 Harvia KIP-45W $ 740.00 Harvia Ever Ready Forte AF-45 $ 3,940.00 Harvia KIP-60B $ 903.00 Harvia Topclass KV-60-S As a result, the heater might overheat. If you have chosen a wall-mounted heater, install a support (A) onto the wall for the heater mounting screws. The minimum safety distances must be adhered to in order to avoid fires! Model FLB Wall mounted heater Size: 16"w x 11"d x 24"h Stone capacity: 45 lbs. Therefore, we recommend choosing a dark flooring. For indoor saunas, the screws should be mounted 22 to the floor and spaced 15.25 apart approximately centered above the vent holes (if present). Read the operators manual. The air in the sauna room becomes dry when warmed up. HARVIA heating elementsfor sauna heaters; HELO heating elementsfor sauna heaters; HUUM heating elementsfor sauna heaters; NARVI heating elementsfor sauna heaters; SAWO heating elementsfor sauna heaters; TYLO heating elementsfor sauna heaters; PEGO spare parts; Store visits: 145468 customers; Austria: AT: 2 days: Belgium: BE: 3 days: A connection cable between the junction box on the sauna wall and the terminal strip of the heater is not supplied with the heater. /TrimBox [ 0 0 595.276 841.89 ] Please note, little water is required to achieve this. Start the heater by pressing the I/O button on the control panel.The heater makes a sound signifying the safety switch has come on. Too tightly piled stones, the settling of stones with time, or the wrong stone type can hinder the airflow through the heater, which may result in overheating of surrounding materials. In these instructions, the sauna is built into a ready-made room with walls made of concrete blocks and a tiled floor. Familiarise yourself with the wiring required by the lights, the heater and the control panel or unit and decide whether you want to have the cables under or on the panelling boards. The minimum height depends on the heater (see table 2). The wooden parts are usually in one package. /Type /XObject Soft heat, soft steam and a crackling fire! Only special aromas designed for sauna water may be used. We do not recommend placing seams in corners, as this makes the taping more difficult. The button should be pushed upwards until you hear a click, which means the heating is on. After two hours, the heater will begin to heat up. endobj If necessary, adjust the temperature with the + and - buttons. Forte: The measuring circuit of the overheat protector is broken. There are leaks in the flue connection. Make sure that your smoke detectors are always in a working condition. /Size 98 You will likely have to cut several trim pieces to t the distance between your heater and the sensor pin. If you have selected a wall-mounted heater, there needs to be a supporting structure for it behind the panelling boards. A family sauna should be cleaned 13 times a year with a moderate amount of water and detergent. Cold outside air does not promote drying. 0000008567 00000 n Ive noticed that it reduces muscle soreness and alleviates aches. 0 Electric If the interior walls of the sauna room are made of non-insulated logs, the corresponding factor is 1.5. 76 22 Water thrown on the stones runs through. 0000002898 00000 n Forte: Disrupted connection between the lower and upper card. Harvia sauna reset button. /StemV 128 chanical reset button (see figure 3) is used to reset the overheat protector. If mechanical exhaust ventilation is used, place the supply air vent above the heater. By going around like this, you can make sure that any width differences in the panelling boards do not affect the end result. endobj The heater will turn off and the timer indicator light will begin to flash. See figure 8. /Prev 1021197 It is absolutely necessary to install the heater according to these values. /FontFamily (Univers) >> Hi fellow sauna enthusiasts, I've been struggling to get my barrel sauna to 200 degrees and after further observation I noticed that the heater keeps tripping causing the heater to turn off. 0000019927 00000 n If the heater output is suitable for the sauna room, it will take about an hour for a properly insulated sauna to reach the required bathing temperature (2.3.). /BleedBox [ 0 0 595.276 841.89 ] Before switching the heater on always check that there isnt anything on top of the heater or inside the given safety distance. Press the MENU button twice. Play all Harvia Installation tutorials and How-Tos Harvia Cilindro Plus Spot Play all Sauna with the touch of a Spot. << Support email info@saunainter.com SUPPORT Outlet SPARES DISCOUNTS Guide DESIGN SHIPPING FOR BUSINESS CATALOG ELECTRIC SAUNA HEATERS HARVIA Sauna heaters Do not know what is the best for your sauna? Check the red and yellow wires to the temperature sensor and their connections (see figure 8) for faculties. Wiring for the sauna lightsD. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Harvia's most versatile family of pillar heaters for top-quality sauna experiences. Sauna's Warranty on parts is void if fans to fO"OW necessary Wiring The purpose of Harvia Xenio control unit is to con-trol an electric sauna heater within an output range of 2.3-11kW. The hot heater may emphasise smells mixed in the air that are not, however, caused by the sauna or the heater. /OP true Finns may find it hard to believe that, on a global scale, infrared cabins sell more than traditional saunas. << It is 1. /XHeight 480 Turn the timer back until one loud clunk is heard, immediately stopping the turn. 750B2 East Spring Street, Cookeville, TN 38501 toll free (877) 525-3504 fax (931) 525-3506 www.saunaplace.com Finlandia Sauna Heater Troubleshooting Quick Tips Space the studs by 600 mm or in accordance with the width of the insulation material. Conceal the sensor wire with the grooved trim pieces from step 1 (27). See the stove selection instructions. In recent decades, Japanese and Chinese researchers have studied infrared treatments extensively. If the minimum distance is not fulfilled, ventilation must be changed. Our 404 manual reset snap disc thermostats have a temperature range of 100-350F. Support email info@saunainter.com SUPPORT Outlet SPARES DISCOUNTS Guide DESIGN SHIPPING FOR BUSINESS CATALOG SAUNA CONTROL PANELS HARVIA Sauna control panels Do not know what is the best for your sauna? All electrical appliances that are fitted with a protective housing, that is attached by screws to prevent dangerous live components from coming into contact with one another, must be installed and serviced, in compliance with the regulations in place, by a professional, authorised electrical engineer or any such other knowledgeable person. Sarl Harvia Sauna Algerie 05 Avenue Boumezrag Bab El Oued Alger, ALGERIA Visa p karta Email harvia_algeria@hotmail.com Tel. >> You have the option to pour water onto the stones to generate steam. Certikin PU2 Mini LED Light; Certikin Quick Change PU6 U/W Light; Certikin PU9 Standard U/W Lights; Sylvania Colour Change LED Lights; LumiPlus Mini LED Lights We recommend using only the manufacturers spare parts. A. Wires for the temperature and/or humidity sensors of the heaterB. 0000024593 00000 n Harvia Cilindro PC90 EN DE 29 PC Figure 10 Reset button for overheat protector Abbildung 10 Rcksetzknopf des berhitzungsschutzes 3 5 Zurckstellen des berhitz. Applies to heaters with a mechanical timer switch.Make sure that the fuses/breakers of the heater on the electrical panel are in working order. /OPM 1 Restrip the wire and put on a new 1/4" terminal most times. /op false Ideal for saunas with a changing room as it heats that area as well. Lift the benches onto the bench supports. Remove the hardware bag from the baggie with the safety placards (2), selecting the two longer lag screws (1.5). The diameter of the supply air pipe must be 50100 mm. Make sure that the fuses/breakers of the heater on the electrical panel are in working order. Press the button and it will reset. It is perfectly normal for the wooden surfaces of the sauna to darken over time. Pay attention, especially to the gradual settling of the stones inside the steel frame. /SA true Model KIP-30-B FLB-30 Watts 3000 4500 6000 8000 Amp Breaker . Harvia heater models utilise three different control methods: External control unit that takes care of the power input of the heater. All service operations must be done by professional maintenance personnel. Discuss using the infrared cabin with your doctor if you are pregnant or you have health problems (or a pacemaker, artificial joints or other surgical implants). SAUNA TIMERS Heaters have a 60 min. 0000018455 00000 n If an accident occurs and the fire cannot be controlled: Exit the building and help others exit as well. Familiarise yourself with the wiring required by the lights, the heater and the control unit (if one is used) and decide whether you want to have the cables under or on the panelling boards. Replace the bottom cover once the wiring is complete, and rehang the heater on the screws (18). 0000044783 00000 n The heating elements will also last longer with good air circulation. Conceal the sensor housing and pin with the sensor cover and provided a screw (26). /CA 1 241 0 0 0 0 0 574 ] /SMask /None /Pages 77 0 R You may have to restart your heater while you are in the sauna.The smaller numbers 1-8 refer to the number of hours for the delay start. Non-insulated walls (brick, glass block, glass, concrete, tile, etc.) Consult your child welfare clinic about taking little babies to the sauna. Answer: The stones should be reset as needed based on heater performance. However, the air humidity setting will determine the maximum temperature high humidity in an extremely hot sauna can be a dangerous combination. If youd like to continue the sauna session after the automatic one-hour shutoff, simply restart the heater. If the reset button doesnt stop, you should contact an electrician. >> HARVIASAUNACABINS Extensive range ~ Top-quality materials ~ Complete delivery ~ Easy installation The customer receives the Harvia sauna in rigid cardboard packages. Sauna has been wired at 120 volt. 15 Amps of power can be provided by a household circuit. Turn the heater on. No such objects or devices should be placed inside the heater stone space or near the heater that could change the amount or direction of the air flowing through the heater. Page 4: Control Unit: User's Guide Fix: Press the overheat limit reset button. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 537 0 537 0 0 0 0 0 537 537 537 0 0 0 Electrical wiring for the heaterC. The saunas electrical circuit isnt being used for any other electrical items, thats what the term dedicated means. 500 mm above the stove andB. The mounting screws will not hold on panelling boards alone and the heater may fall onto the floor. The smoke ducts of the stove are blocked. Remove lime stains from the heater using a 10% citric acid solution and rinse. >> If the temperature in the sensors environment rises too high, the overheat protector cuts off the heater power. Examples: paint, glue, heating oil, spices. Check the data cable and its connections. The deep heat of an infrared cabin has been said to raise the users body temperature, creating an artificial fever of sorts. 84 0 obj In fact, many people use an infrared cabin for refreshment and muscle recovery. The sauna stones normally reach the bathing temperature at the same time as the sauna room. The infrared cabin has not replaced the traditional sauna for her. In that case, the timer works, but the heater will not heat up. This is to make sure that no combustible objects are left near or on the heater. The cable can be extended with a lower temperature value cable with an equivalent cross section, provided that the temperature affecting the cable after the connection does not exceed 80 C. The battens must be installed vertically to allow air to travel up from the bottom behind the panelling boards. After completing the installation, the person in charge of the installation should give these instructions to the owner of the sauna or to the person in charge of its operation. Pillar heaters must always be installed onto a non-combustible floor, as hot stone fragments may fall through the steel frame. /CA 1 Only an authorised electrical engineer may replace a heating element. Suomen Strategisen Johtamisen Seura ry on palkinnut Harvian Vuoden 2021 Strategiateko -tunnustuksella. /BM /Normal Mount them with the screws provided in the hardware baggie you removed in step 1. The infrared cabin is a wonderful addition to the Finnish sauna culture. /FontWeight 700 Harvia on johtava kansainvlinen sauna- ja spa-yhti, jolla on viisi markkinassa hyvin tunnettua tuotemerkki: Harvia, Sentiotec, Almost Heaven Saunas ja EOS. Harvia offers a wide selection of bench models,see more here. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Bench or safety railing.D. In lower sauna temperatures (5060 C), you can use plenty of sauna water. een pro kad prostor Modern sprchov sauna je idelnm eenm pro mal koupelny. Figure 12. Greater heater power often corresponds with greater safety distances. /Rotate 0 /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding She also has a traditional wood-heated lakeshore sauna. Installation Manual For Finlandia K10g Manualzz . The control unit regulates the temperature in the sauna room based on Place stones inside the top part of the frame. The stones should touch the elements, but not bend them. Add to cart Resetting the overheat protector is shown in figure 12. The diameter of the exhaust air pipe should be twice the diameter of the supply air pipe.C. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Analytics". If the minimum distance cannot be adhered to, the ventilation system must be altered. Be sure that the heating elements do not appear with time.Rearrange the stones at least once a year or even more often if the sauna is infrequent use. The control cable for electrical heating is brought directly into the junction box of the heater, and from there to the terminal block of the heater along a rubber cable with the same cross-section area as that of the connecting cable. If it is too high on the wall or too close to the heater, it will sense that the sauna is hotter than it actually is, triggering a premature shut-off (23). 0000003190 00000 n Even the smallest wood-heated stoves are equal to a 13 kW heater in terms of heating power. HARVIA SENLOG CF9C 1.1. No combustible materials may be located inside the indicated safety distances. 0000008281 00000 n If the control panel is installed in the sauna, it should be placed no closer than the minimum safety distance from the heater and no higher than one metre from the floor. /Type /Catalog We offer a variety of Harvia Sauna Pillows that are sure to add a level of comfortability to your sauna, that can't be matched. It makes an audible click when reset. If "Err3" or "Er3" is diplayed on the Control Panel Display, it can signify different 'fault' conditions depending upon the type (model) of Control Panel. Wash off the dust from the stones before piling them into the heater. Do not form a high pile of stones on top of the frame. << Empty the ash box. The control panel will light up and the heater will begin to heat up immediately. These instructions are designed to give you basic information about the structure and building stages of a sauna. Insulation wool, thickness 50100 mm. Stones protruding from the frame can hinder opening the connection box (see figure 7). Wash yourself before entering the sauna. . The width can be 90 mm, for example. A fire blanket rarely helps, as the fire receives air from under the heater. Turn the heater on by pressing the I/O button on the control panel. Other wooden parts of the sauna, such as the door frame, a wooden door handle and the panelling boards, do not necessarily have to be treated, but if you wish to protect them against absorbed humidity and dirt, the treatment must be carried out using researched substances made for the purpose. The heaters factory settings are as follows: The settings menu structure and changing the settings are shown in figures 3a and 3b. Is the output and type of the heater suitable for the sauna room? 0000026572 00000 n A. Examples: paint, glue, oil,seasoning. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. /SMask /None /Type /Catalog The sauna room must be insulated carefully so that the heater output can be kept moderately low.B. In Finland, relatively little research has been conducted on infrared cabins, but information regarding its health effects has made its way here. Use fixing kits (2 pcs) to fix the heater to the saunas structures. Locate the 4 temperature sensor, uncoiling the lament and wiring it out the small notch at the base of the heater. << Figure 11. The reset button can be found on the bottom front of the heaters. REMOVING THE STONE GUARD AND BOTTOM COVER. 94 0 obj +213 770 93 05 18 Tel. Rest for a while and let your pulse go back to normal. Heating of the Sauna When operating the heater for the first time, both the heater and the stones emit smell. One protects the control panel from any electrical shorts. . Flip the heater on its back and remove the bottom cover. The Harvia Sauna Care Set for treating the wood surfaces of the sauna includes a 500 ml bottle of paraffin oil, which is enough for treating 510 m2 of surface area. Do not place the supply air vent so that the airflow cools the temperature sensor (3.3.1.)!B. /ColorSpace /DeviceRGB Vent gap of about 10 mm between the moisture protection and panel (recommendation).D. Poor heating performance can be caused by old or wrongly stacked sauna stones. The heating elements will begin to glow. 3. In a conventional sauna, the heat is transferred to the human body by air.
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