It will yield 10000 gold pennies! Enter the house to find a chest containing 390 gold pennies. The places which are dead ends or do not yield any chest, etc will not be mentioned at all, but if you want you can explore. Admit Agnes son over there. Now walk back to the point from where you exited the wilderness and walk northwards. Ascend another ladder and enter the cave to your north. Cross the bridge, keep walking and exit through the passage. Since we dont have a pick lock we need not go there now. Use the torch to melt the frozen magic clock and retrieve it. Carry one and exit to the next map. Then talk to him. We havent explored the area yet, so lets do it now. There are also some villagers who will either give you important information or are the key to some future quests. They cast sleep spells so equip proper accessories just in case you face them. Scroll down to see all of the Q&A, or use the box below to add your own. Now explore the desert area to discover 3 more chests; they contain 1 covey balm, 350 pennies and skull helmet. However I shall mention what you would get from all the chests in total from both the wilderness and the caves (this way you will enjoy the game and its dungeons without rigidly following the walkthrough)- 1 haunch, 20 gold pennies, 40 gold pennies, 10 wild berries, 1 apple, 25 gold pennies, 1 covey balm, 60 gold pennies, 1 quail egg and a black oak staff. Cross it to the other side and enter the shrine. Equip the ice amulets. Enter the hole by crossing the small bridge inside the cave, you will transported to the base of another cave. Aveyond: Rhen's Quest. Keep walking to the west past the waterfall and enter another cave that you see towards the north. Give the two sick people in the bed two elixirs and then talk to her. Enter the first pillar and go up the ladder. You can select the party option from the game menu and choose your active party members. Watch the in-game actions and confront the Hind. There are chests scattered all over this area, and from now on I wont particularly mention where to find them as they are easy to locate if you explore extensively. Climb the ladder and head onwards. So when I say go back by two screens it means that starting from the current area (screen) you go back to the previous area and then to the previous of this area through the passages you have followed. Go into the cave and follow the path till you find a chest. Go to the thieves hideout again. Walk onwards and when the road branches out take the southern route. A bit further down you will find a cave. The player can also buy pets from across the world. We need to return to Sedona in order to do it. Then go to Blasted lands and follow the map to enter the Dark Caverns. You will find Danny next at Sedona. Return to Clearwater and talk to Danny and the game ends. Be ready to face your next boss-Tawrich. Things could be worse. Choose a mix of single and multi damage spells. Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest wallthrough - YouTube 0:00 / 9:42 Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest wallthrough Disoo 3 subscribers Subscribe 88 views 1 year ago Let's play Aveyond 1: Rhen's. The nurse will give you a quest to kill the rats. There are 4600 gold pennies, a book page, 6000 gold pennies, beast repellant, blessed shield, salmon and an elixir in this area and some locked in chests. Continue to the following open area and before you climb up the ladder, heal up and save. Grazila Bring sludgemaster 2000 (side quest no. Date: December 2019. The enemies are very strong here. Follow the previous guide to the Ogres Lair when we were hunting for the first boss. Rub the lamp and see what happens. This is your first quest which you will find in your journal (quest no.2). I personally recommend sleep flute because we already have the cash cow for monetary purposes. Use the soul steal skill from Lars skill set before killing the creature. Make sure that you use the necromancer spell book from time to time to make Lars learn new spells after he levels up. Enter and you will find three fairies. Travel up north and then to your west from a bifurcation. Go to the place where you first started the game and pick the pink colored flowers. Now before we set forth for our final showdown lets get some errands done. Dig the dirt pile to get an emerald. Refer the eastern isle map below: The goodies are: Traveling runes: explore the wilderness to locate it in the following area marked with a white circle. Walk out of the shop and watch the event. None of the thieves will talk to you, but your visit at this place will trigger another event at the Sedona palace. Go to the lowlands. She will trigger a quest. Re-enter the cave and talk to general Binx. Since the walkthrough is quite big, you can use the Find command to instantly jump to any word or phrase in the guide. Go to the Memory Caverns in Aveyond and capture any one fairy in the empty bottle you have. Open the chest to get a bronze rod. Enter the blackbone cave. Very useful for walkthrough makers like us?. Talk to the green haired guy. Its the ogre lair. From there head south till you come across a signpost. Defeat it and get the voice box. If you have troubleshooting issues, you can ping the community immediately. The chest in that room is locked and will available later in the game. You need to fetch Lars again. Now there are two uses of this statue. For leveling up, I personally found the troop of four rats inside the cave in the wilderness providing the maximum amount of experience points in that area; so you can level up fast. Fight the banshee queen and after that you will see that she dropped something. From there, walk south. She will ask you to bring an elixir. Talk to the queen and give her what the mountain king has asked you to. Aveyond: Rhen's Quest (PC) Where do I find the shovel? Wilderness Goodies: There are also some game goodies to be found from the wilderness. Press the escape (Esc) key to pull up the game menu. Watch the events and the game ends. On landing, check the signpost. Take the passage to your left and get a chest containing 100 gold pennies. Exit, collect 50 pennies from the chest and then enter the cave to your right. This way you can explore all the probable possibilities in the game as rpg games offer a lot of diversions and endings. You will end up at the spot marked by the white circle: The chest has 100 gold pennies. Simply hold down the Ctrl and F keys together, and enter the word or phrase youre looking for into the text box. If you talked to the boar in the wilderness but didnt kill it then go to Veldarah to the necromancer Derez. Cross the bridge and exit through the cave passage. Now go to Clearwater. the location of this goodie is same as the guild goodie. Lets get Tidbits quest done quickly. The following area is Ahrimans Castle and is depicted in the map below: Point no. Press enter or action button on the altar, it will ask for something. Return by one screen and walk northwards and exit via another passage (no.7 in the map). The enemy troops are pretty strong here and some cast poison. Either you can give the statue to the elves in Oldwood which would help you complete three quests (return of the king, uncursing the city of Ejindro and bringing a ghost to haunt the vampress house at ghedahre). Enter the mauve colored tent to upgrade your weapons. You will find a man in a boat. The following room has a chest containing haunch. Climb up the ladder and exit via the northern passage. At this level you cant fight him. Take the Hinds harp and exit the cave. The location of this goodie is shown in the screenshot below. FIND DREAMER'S TEAR TO MAKE RAINBOW BRIDGE Ask the boatman to take you back to the eastern isle. Sleep on the bed. 3. Ignore the cave for now and climb up the stairs. It works fine that way). Equip the fire amulets, save at the save point and enter the Demon cave. Follow it till you reach two sets of stairs, climb them and keep following the footsteps till you see a mule express. You will get the ruby red slippers in return. Solve dozens of adventure puzzles and explore an enchanting world. Become a hermit- Rhen will spend the rest of your life in wildwoods and nobody will ever hear of you again. Get back one screen and go down the shorter second ladder to collect the elixir from the chest. Take up the northern path now and walk along the dirt path until you are transported to the world map. It consists of several small homes and one longer structure which are all made of the same light tan stone with red roofs. He will reward you with lightning storm spell (you have already purchased it at Thais). That area is almost linear with a chest on your way to the other end. Back in the church, enter the small room to your right and touch Rashnus soul to his statue. Follow the passage, it leads straightaway to another door. The answers to the note are: I hold the sun, the moon, twilight and day rise-Blue, I bring love to your heart, roses to your cheeks-Red, My light fills your days with warmth and joy-Yellow. Then go to the sandstone cave and refer the directions given before (refer sandstone cave guide) to find two blue chests. Anyway, at Ejindro talk to the ghost girl and try to open the lock to the north of the girl with the skeleton key. For the time being, return to the entrance of the cave where you found the bone. Cross the bridge and walk straight east into the cave. Elini's indra, Rhen's Nightmare Flight spell and Lars' decompose works wonders. You need to come back over here later. Marry off the characters if you wish to and watch the funny events! The house immediately next to the grey haired guy Eddie (slave) is the house of the seamstress. In Ghedahre, go to the house where the vampress was looking for a ghost to haunt her house. Mad Marge gives you a quest (side quest no.25). The Elite Mage guild is located here, if youve not already joined the necromancer guild then you can join here. Press that switch too. Buy armors for Elini and buy lots of hp and mp healing items. The house beside the weapons house has a second floor to it. After you do so, return to the queen of Veldt. It would have yielded something else if you didnt dig up the rune in the wilderness of Eastern Empire. Released: 24-Jan-2008, File Size: 2.19 MB. The other goodies are: All Guilds-Use this goodie to get all Guild Spellbooks for Lars. To experience full quality maps, please Keep moving till you reach a small lair marked as Rach Narch Bargh. Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight; Aveyond 3-2: Gates of Night; Aveyond 3-3: The Lost Orb; Aveyond 3-4: The Darkthrop Prophecy; Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist; Characters. See what he has to say. On your way you will see a wild boar, if you kill it and bring it to Tiberius, he will pay you with gold pennies and the quest is complete. Get back to Ghedahre. Heal up and save before entering Aesmas cave. Elephant garlic can be found from a grave in Halloween hills (you must already have that in your inventory if youve followed the walkthrough). After the job is done return to Rona. This is the memory cavern. The old woman near the boat dealer would teach you find skudder spell for a price. There is a chest containing a salmon near the beach. Aveyond 3-1: Lord of Twilight; Aveyond 3-2: Gates of Night; Aveyond 3-3: The Lost Orb; . Before we forget the blue chests that we came across before, lets grab them. He unlocks the red chest, from which you get the merchant card. Keep walking from the signpost near the mule express in the snow forest towards the eastern direction till you reach the exit to the world map. Dont explore the mines for now. A powerful deity, Ahriman, has opened the Demon Portal and dark creatures now threaten the great isles. Open the necromancer book to find if Lars can learn any new spell (if youve registered in that guild). She will ask you to entertain her. Buy the antidote for 30 gold pennies and return to the boar. Stop an evil queen from turning the world into ice, capture a dragon and ride the winds to ancient lands, unite the kingdoms and discover your destiny. But there is no reward for it. First we need to go to the Dream castle. You are given some instructions and the location of Rhens dads house. Now we need to go to the gentle children school. On exiting another short conversation will follow. Here the teachers will teach you certain skill if youve reached a particular level. when you've finished the quest the bottle will be in the shop. To get the bee wax, exit tea cup town and follow the narrow path to the south behind the mule express. Walk northwards, climb two ladders, avoid the hole and walk up to the cave entrance. It contains an elixir. olivekttn - 11. This will enable you to open the blue chests. You will need the smoke bomb to retrieve the wax from the hive. You will see a woman named Elini who would like to join you after you graduate. You will find a horse carriage parked there. We need to go to the highlands. Start looking for the dirt piles. Its time to get some skills for him as well. FINDING THE TRUFFLE FOR THE CHEF Thieves hideout: PROVE TO THE MOUNTAIN KING THAT FAIRIES EXIST, FIND WHAT HAPPENED TO LEVUS/FIND AN ANTIDOTE FOR LEVUS, FIND DREAMERS TEAR TO MAKE RAINBOW BRIDGE, Published on 24, March 2009 | 14 years ago, Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough, Aveyond: Lord of Twilight Tips Walkthrough. The blue chests yield staff of wind and 860 gold pennies. Return to the cave and Walk to your left and go down to the exit from where you entered. Equip the best gears and then go ahead for the final showdown. LP Aveyond Rhen's Quest. Open to get 12 wild berries and 520 gold pennies. Walk up to the place where the three passages branched out. Give him the eye and he will unlock the door. The next day wake up, wear the wedding gown and go to the Throne room. Hello traveler! Now we can concentrate on our Final hunt down. Use the take the rune shortcut to Aveyond. Three generations after Rhen and her party defeated the dark lord Ahriman, and she begain ruling in Thais, we focus our attention on Ean, a young elf who lives near the Oldwoods (familiar to Aveyond I fans). When you are in the throne room talk to girl Liya inside. But when the moon arises, so does the beast, what am I? Enter the ballroom and talk to Pemberlin. She will give you a present to be delivered to Hilda. After you reach Dirkon, open the chest (see peninsula map) to get steel boots. Make Lars attack him physically (only if the water orb is equipped). You will find yourself in Blackroot system. Now lets go for our next quest: saving the second druid. One has elixir and the other yields mandrake. Enter the thieves cave. Aveyond II: Ean's Quest is, strangely enough, the sequel to Aveyond I: Rhen's Quest. If you are exploring the forest then you will find chests scattered all over. Retrieve the fire axe and return by one screen. Now since youve captured the fairy in your bottle you can go to the mountain king in Thornkeep. The cave frogs can be harmed only by Rhens sword hits or flame scrolls. And since monsters are tougher here it is advised that you dont wander around aimlessly. Now we need to return to wildwoods to rescue the first druid. She will give you an empty cask of ale. In the following area, WALK to your right side first. Use the magic clock, heal up again and the talk to Aesma- the next boss. He is also one of the boss, though not among the Daevas who captured any druid. She will be delighted to get the ghost boy and will reward you with 20,000 gold pennies. One of them sell traveling runes to memory caverns. Similarly the next region is also marked with chest locations and dotted lines leading to the next area. Aveyond: Rhen's Quest is a top-down role-playing game that challenges you to be a savior one more time and fight off all sorts of demons and monsters. Open the chest to your left to get a covey balm. Aveyond Studios on Discord Our Discord server has hundreds of active users. Walk two paces down from the bone file; Press enter or action button, you will discover the treasure shown in the treasure map retrieved from the library. Climb the tree and you will be presented a puzzle, reach the top without getting hit by the bird, or else you will have to start from the base of the tree again. Our walkthrough will give you the tips and tricks needed to defeat the evil Ahriman in no time. Rhen will not prefer taking him now, we will come back here later. The name of the people and the quests they give or are related to are as follows: ADMIT THEODORE TO GENTLE CHILDRENS SCHOOL, RESCUE THE DWARVEN WOMANS HUSBAND FROM THE MINES. Power Weapon & Power Armor-Use this goody to get the best armor and the best weapons. The game starts with a cutscene. Pass through the door. Collect you reward-either Mithril Rapier for pirate john/teijal or Red demon spell for Elini. Aveyond 1: Rhen's Quest Ejindro is a ghost town in the world of Aveyond. Return to Velgerd. It has two flame spells. Pick up the studded shield from the chest and follow the route directed by the arrow direction in the screenshot: Keep walking; you will notice a door on your way. Carry on to the other end of the cave while picking up the apple from the chest on your way. Exit the cavern and open the chest to find bronze sword. Watch the cutscene. Now return to the entrance of Dreamland and follow the white arrow. You will see a ladder going down. This is the first title in the Aveyond series, following the prologue, Ahriman's Prophecy. He seeks to do this by using his demonic allies to capture the druids who can unlock the Sword of Shadows and by sending Dameon to enlist Rhen's trust. If you like classic role playing games, you are going to love Aveyond. Walk all the way around to point 12 in that map. Climb the two sets long ladders once you are outside. How do you open the blue and gold chests? Forced into retirement early, Boyle now spends his days arguing with haunted trees and scaring off the occasional knight. See what happens. On your way you will see a banshee dropping something in the water. Now we need to complete a quest which should have been done long ago. But I would recommend leaving the boar alone as you will find a nasty secret later on. Here are their names; you may need to refer them in future: Tiberius-linked with Levus, alora quest in future, Old woman near the weapon shop, sells boat location spell. Miserably. 2.If you want to play the game in full-screen mode, press ALT+ENTER on your keyboard. I sleep by day, feast by night, Im allergic to the sun, what am I? Explore this area. Take him to Aveyond and choose your reward-6 diamonds or dizzy doll. 2. Or else you can give the statue to the militant squirrels in the highlands. Walk to your left and climb down the stairs and cross the bridge again and enter the cave. I will give screen shots of the rooms so that you can find the way which leads to the boss. Enter the cave at point 5 in the map. The in-game event will be triggered automatically and a secret passage is revealed. Enter the cat-Tidbits mushroom house and he will give you a quest (side quest no.10). Talk to him and select of course when you are given options. You may get a quest from here later as well as one of the druids shrine is located here, so remember this place. Get the acorn from the chest after you enter this area. Push the cubes in the cubicles matching their colors and press the switch near the room center. Come back to him later for more items. Aveyond Studios on Discord Our Discord server has hundreds of active users. Sleep flute inflicts sleep to an enemy, but not the bosses. Walk to your right and keep walking till you reach another village-New Witchwood. Use the rune to get back to Thornkeep and exit the snow forest to the world map. You will be presented an in-game message. It contains 1 covey balm. Take the bird seed on the upper right side of the cave and exit. Talk to the main squirrel, he will give you a quest (this quest cannot be done if you have given the Elven Statue of Lionel in Rootwell. You can now make Teijal/Galalad wear it as an accessory, it will increase her attack and defense by 50%. Talk to him about the news, you will be given a quest (side quest no.38). Now follow the path on your front from the entrance till you see a chest (contains haunch). Enter Rhens room and you will find that its size has increased. If you cant find how to go there, then from the signpost at lowlands, take the dirt path to your east. Lars gauss shield will prevent deadly damage to your party to some extent for which your party may not get wiped away totally at one go. Put the stronghold key in the door before you and enter Ahrimans Lair. Follow the path and you will come across a bifurcation. This manor is located beside the ball room where you will find another goodie and a free place to rest (its your partys HQ). Now exit via point 9 in the map Y. In the gentle children school, go upstairs and talk to Theodore in the bedroom. He is a mini boss, though not related to the main quest. Return by one screen, cross the bridge and back to your cave where you came from. Starting at the gate, walk up north, Walk to your right near the inn, cross the fences and keep walking to your right till you reach a blue roofed house (old mans house); go north from there and then to your left is the shadow wood academy. I will not mention places which are easy to locate (e.g the palace, any person in the village, etc.). Walkthrough for Aveyond?? Now this cave and mountain system is quite complicated. Maps-If you need help finding things, you can use these maps, which were created by tiniponi. Wake up and talk to Rona again. We are done for now. i beat aveyond 1 and now 10 hours into aveyond 2, A2 is not as good. Exit and go to one of the other veniara islands. There you will find a chest containing bronze rod. Get back one screen and walk all the way down to point 7 in the map. Get back one screen and Walk to your south-western path now. 17). Lets go back to see what is it. Once Lorad is defeated go and talk to Harald. Open it to get pomegranate seeds. Talk to the woodman and see what happens. Simply hold down the Ctrl and "F" keys together, and enter. Upgrade the weapons and armors of your party members. Get outside the house and talk to Lor, the guy standing there. Keep walking till you find a small hut. Aveyond 2 is packed with monsters, magic, and humor. Back in Veldt, give the librarian the Belt of Hippolyte and she will reward you with demon orb, equip it on Lars. Thats the snow queens castle. You will end up on the world map. Press enter on that spot to find it. Open the chest there to find the goody you have installed (I used god goodie). Go to the place where you had parked your boat. Return to the bifurcation and take the other path through the unlocked gate. Another spot at Aveyond yields 120 gold pennies. He will join you at the same level as Rhen is at. The game also includes a manor, where the player can walk around as the various party members (by setting the Leader) and have them interact with each other. if you have both the bird seed and the bird cage (bought from Veldarah junk shop), then try to trap the nightingale.
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